Rosie's Pizzeria At 16, Rose Richardi quit Braintree High School to work in a housecoat factory in Quincy. In 1948, while raising her family, Rosie decided to open a sub shop in a corner of her home. Since then, Rosie’s Pizza and Sub Shop has been a Pond Street landmark.

Over the years, Rosie’s Pizza has grown, adding booths, menu items and even groceries and alcohol. Despite owning a successful business, Rosie always thought about returning to school to get her high school diploma.

Rosie's PizzeriaIn August of 1980, Rose sold the shop. Shortly after, Rosie met with Braintree High School’s Headmaster John LeRoy about returning to the school to complete her diploma. That September, sitting amidst students that she had served pizza to since they were born, Rosie returned to Braintree High School.

For the next two years, Rosie attended classes, did homework and studied for exams alongside her teenage classmates. At 58 years old, Rosie graduated from Braintree High School, the oldest person in Braintree High history to receive a diploma from the day school. That nagging feeling was finally gone after 40 years, “It’s a great accomplishment in my life. I’m very proud. I say to anyone who wants to get their high school diploma, it’s never too late.”
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